At GEORGES our menu caters for Women /Men and Children

 We want you to experience great service, comfort, great coffee, the latest magazines, and especially AMAZING Hair.

We want you to want to come back!

GEORGES caters for all your hairdressing needs. Our Prices reflect our experience from Trainee to Director. We are a small team and work closely together to give you the most professional experience and what is best for you.

We offer Free Consultations to discuss your needs.


In a Hurry or Going Out !! No time for a wash !!

Simply Come in with dry hair, and let us cut, iron, curl, or put your hair up. Perfect for anyone wanting a hairdo on the run. Without a wash and dry, your service will save you time and expense.


We have an extensive menu for Cutting, Blowdrying, Ironing, Curling and Event Styling . We cater for Children, Women and Men.

Prices vary according to Stylist & time involved.


We specialise in both Colour and Foil Highlights and are confident that you will have had no better.

The optional use of PCC will enable you to go as blonde as you desire without breakage. This amazing product can be added to any colour or other chemical process to stop any damage and enhance the condition of your hair.

At GEORGES we use La Biosthetique Colour to achieve outstanding quality color results. GEORGES Hair Salon with La Biosthetique supports ‘Colour with Care’.  Next time you book in for a colour you will be helping to provide critical support in stopping the spread of infectious diseases,helping malnourished children,and giving medical aid in disaster struck areas.

We’re changing lives, one colour at time.

KERATIN Smoothing & KERATIN Blowout Express

No matter how frizzy, curly or unruly your hair is, KERATIN COMPLEX by COPPOLA will straighten & condition your hair beyond you dreams. If your hair is over-coloured or bleached to a crisp, KERATIN COMPLEX is guaranteed to make it healthier, super silky smooth, and resistant to humidity.

KERATIN BLOWOUT EXPRESS is a shorter acting version that is less expensive and quicker to apply.We find that our clients prefer the Express Blowout as a top up to the Full Keratin Complex.


We offer Lash & Brow tinting and Brow Shaping with our senior hair stylist Claudia . This works in perfectly with your hair services without taking up anymore of your valuable time. Be sure to book your eyes in too when you make your appointment and leave feeling extra gorgeous !

OLAPLEX versus PCC ( Protection Cheveux Complexe)

“OLAPLEX” (a single molecule that reconnects broken sulphur bonds in the hair)  led the way forward for damage  free chemical services and opened up endless opportunity in the hair colour world. We used OLAPLEX for the 2 years and it gave both us and our clients incredible confidence in achieving what would have once been a definite ‘No Go’ . Olaplex not only changed an old mindset, but made hair colour so much more positive and rewarding…

The new formulation to combat hair breakage

“We have now moved forward to a newer technology developed by La Biosthetique Paris.  Protection Cheveux Complexe (PCC) is the latest bond treatment system to be released on the market, but the difference is that it gives the hair 5 x the strength of any competitor. PCC is firstly added to the colour process, and followed with a quick finishing treatment leaving your hair stronger than before your colour service. Like olaplex, PCC has a selection of take home products to maintain the condition of your hair.

Two years in the making, this technological development is the first hair care system that rebuilds, NOT just reconnects sulphur bonds in the hair.

The PCC system is able to achieve incredible results through a three-pronged approach to protect (1), rebuild (2) and strengthen (3) the hair.

First the PCC protects the hair by stopping sulphur bonds from suffering permanent damage during the colouring process, it does this by using Cysteine (a naturally occurring amino acid in the hair) to form a protective layer over the sulphur bonds and stop the oxidisation.

Secondly, PCC molecularly rebuilds sulphur bonds instead of temporarily reconnecting bonds. It uses cross-linked cysteine to rebuild the natural disulphide bonds with added links for extra support.

Finally, an injection of keratin and magnesium anchors deep into the core of the hair for fortified strength, magnesium salt adds strength to the restored bond creating a fortified connection between sulphur molecules, and keratin is added into the strands tightly packing the disulphide bonds together, creating an even stronger stabilised hair for lasting results.

Bleaches, color and perms all have one thing in common: But, to achieve lasting results, certain structures in the hair have to be broken. Bleach decomposes the natural hair colour, whilst colour deposits new pigment. Perms change the structure and shape of the hair.. Even if everything runs smoothly during these treatments, despite protective and conditioning active ingredients, there has always been one isnag. The network in which keratin, the hair’s most important building block, is embedded, there are often breaks in some parts which make the hair more sensitive and weaker in certain areas. PCC’s innovative formulations were created to avoid precisely this side effect: They now make the impossible possible: a concentrated molecular protection complex fills gaps inside the hair’s network, known as sulphur bonds, during the processing time of bleach, colour and perms, and deposits new keratin into these gaps or breaks in the structure.

Being able to explain the science behind repairing hair care is no new thing for La Biosthetique. With 70 years in making bio-mimetic products and with their own laboratories and manufacturing in Germany, it’s a given that being able to explain molecular advancements in their products.